Discreet & Reliable Surveillance Team

Surveillance teams can produce outstanding results as they use a range of classic and modern methods to deliver evidence to create a solution.  They gather information discreetly and effectively. See: general advice services.

A private detective team can find any information that is needed where the truth is being held back. This can be from a criminal defence team, corporate investigation and even matrimonial cases.

The very best detective services in the South East

With a range of surveillance techniques there will always be one suitable to your needs to produce the most efficient results. Discover a private detective team in South East England, including Central and Greater London. Click here.

See the surveillance services that we provide:

Sound recording, cameras and CCTV:

This provides remote surveillance data where a private detective uses the evidence gathered to build a case up for you.

Vehicle tracking:

This is where a team would track an individual’s vehicle to gather evidence, this is a popular choice for those in the corporate industry or who have a high number of employees on the road as part of their work.

See a surveillance team to track speeds and rates of collisions. Click here.

Cyber surveillance:

If you need to know how the internet is being used in either the workplace or in the personal life of friends or even employees.

Private investigators can also track their search history. Learn more about the cyber surveillance law.

Trailing and matrimonial surveillance:

Discreet techniques are used to attain the truth and provide evidence that can bring closure from a partner’s worry. We also provide a free support and advice service to those affected negatively.

Previous work with companies clients has also helped to provide long-lasting solutions when it comes to infidelity, child welfare and custody matters. Contact us.

Background checks:

Background checks can be used to unveil the true identity of an individual – ideal for relationships or for business means. Find out more.

What is revealed?

  • Previous and current addresses
  • Employment history
  • Academic certificates and history
  • Previous relationships, marriages and divorces