LB Safety Cameras

LB Safety Cameras was set up to reduce collisions on our roads. Since then this aim has not changed. It is estimated that every year that over 1,000 people lose their lives due to speeding.

If we can reduce the speeds that cars and motorbikes travel at we can reduce the amount of collisions and most importantly save lives.

The Partnership is made up of numerous socities in dedicating our aim to reduce collisions.

To reduce speeds we use safety cameras at areas where there is a history of collisions and speeding and also at places of high risk. We can not just enforce speed limits where we want.

Our LB safety cameras have been in the Lothians and Borders since 1993, the first ones were in the Scottish Borders on the A1.

We use a mix of fixed cameras, mobile cameras and cameras situated at traffic lights to deter motorist from running red lights. To find out more about the cameras we use contact us.

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